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Hui tu yu dai ji bao juan 1
HuiTuYuDaiJiBaoJuan 1.png
別名 Other Titles: 絵図玉帯記宝巻/繪圖玉帶記寶卷,宣講勧善民間故事,循環果報,白馬駝屍記
有關人物 Associated Persons: 東邑(?)題

出版地區 Place(s) of Publication: 上海

版式 Format: 石印版

出版者 Publisher(s): 惜陰書局

載於 Located In: Waseda University Library文庫19 F0399 0034 0001

The current edition “Yu dai ji bao juan 玉帶記寶卷" in the Waseda online collection is a two-volume story about justice being rightly served. It is a variant of a traditional and popular story, “White horse carrying the corpse” 白馬駝屍. Shows carrying this name are nowadays still performed in a variety of artistic forms such as Huai Opera 淮劇(Jiangsu 江蘇),Lu Opera 廬劇 (Anhui 安徽), Gan nan Tea Opera 赣南采茶戏 (Jiangxi 江西), Qidong Fisherman’s drum 祁东渔鼓(Hunan 湖南) etc.

The story was said to have happened in the reign of Renzong 仁宗(1010-1063) in the Song Dynasty. It is about Liu Wenying 劉文英, who went to the capital to take his examinations. At first Wenying was robbed by Liu Lin 陸林, an outlaw in Taihang mountains. Fortunately, Wenying was later saved by Lu Lin’s daughter, Lu Qinglian 陸青蓮. They committed to each other by a vow for marriage. Wenying continued his journey to the capital, equipped with three treasures given by Qinglian. However, soon after, hotel owner Yang Er 楊二 was greedy for money and killed Liu Wenying. When the emperor's mother was sick and seeked medical treatment, Yang Er offered to deliver the treasure and jade belt to her. The white horse carrying Wenying’s body reached Bao Zheng 包拯(包公) for justice. Bao Zheng investigated the case and revived Wenying using the jade belt. Justice was eventually served.

別名 Other Titles

Subtitle:宣講勸善民間故事 The title page gives the title as 繪圖玉帶記寶卷. “宣講勸善民間故事” was placed at the top of the title page and a picture of 普門大士 (觀世音菩薩 Avalokiteśvara). On the center of each page(版心), the shortened title in this edition is 玉帯記宝巻. In the opening verse on p.1, also includes such verse “一本白馬駝屍記…”, see another version referenced below in Harvard online collection named 新刻白馬駝尸劉文英還魂玉帶記.

出版地區 Place(s) of Publication

  • 出版部:上海閘北順微路二十六號內
  • 發行部:上海四馬路山東路口

出版年 Publication Date(s)

None Given

內涵 Contents

  • 上卷
    • 封面 Title Page
    • Inner cover
    • Illustration of main characters: 楊二,劉天保,劉文英,陸青蓮,包公,陸林
    • 絵図玉帯記宝巻上卷 Text (1-14)
  • The opening of the baojuan follows the order of incense praise 香讚, three incense offering 三炷清香,and then the opening verse 開卷偈.
  • 下卷
    • Illustration (1)
    • 絵図玉帯記宝巻下卷 Text (2-15)

序跋等 Prefaces and Postfaces

  • 序 if we can consider the small column at the bottom of the title page as the preface, it starts with「世風不古…」
    • no date
    • 惜陰主人識

註疏 Commentary

[Bianca]*The text is not in recto and verso format, but in page numbers instead.

  • The cover features an illustration of Guanyin standing on a floating lotus flower with 普門大士 in the halo near her head in the centre. There is a female attendant holding a vase on Guanyin's right and a small child on Guanyin's left. There is also a dove with a string of praying beads in its month on the top left of the illustration.


Authorship There is no explicit authorial attribution within the text. We can see the name of the publisher is 上海惜陰書局 in both the title page and the cover page. “東邑(?) 題” written in the cover page was likely an attribution of the publisher. It’s uncertain who this is refer to. In the series of 宣講勧善民間故事, another name which appeared often is Chen De 陳德 as we can find Chen De’s name on many other cover pages of baojuan which were printed in上海惜陰書局. We can see on the cover page that it also indicated two addresses: one as publisher: 上海閘北顺徵路二十六號內;another as the vendor:上海四马路山东路口 .


[上卷] Liu Wenying is the treasured only son from the Liu family, who has a photographic memory and very smart from a young age. At age 15, aiming for high offices, he waved goodbye to his parents for the capital to take the state examination. The parents gave silver and gold for his expense on the journey and repeatedly warned him to take care on the way. Wenying nodded and left with a young servant Liu Xing.

What the parents feared the most turned out to be exactly what's awaiting Wenying in Taihang mountains. The outlaw from the mountains Lu Lin jumped at them, killed the servant Liu Xing immediately and robbed all the money from Wenying. Lu Lin put Wenying into the cell, threatening to kill him soon.

Wenying's weeping in the cell reached Lu Lin's daughter Lu Qinglian. Out of curiosity, Qinglian visited Wenying and took a liking to him. Things escalated quickly. Qinglian not only agreed to release Wenying, but also suggested marriage. Wenying agreed with gratitude. The couple then spent the night as husband and wife.

The second day, Wenying was appreciative yet still wanted to go to take the exam. Qinglian reluctantly agreed but gave Wenying three treasures: "Bottomless flask", which gives alcohol on tap so that Wenying will not be poisoned. "Warm and cool lamp", which invokes nine fairies to sing and dance when Wenying is bored; Last but not the least, "jade belt", which will revive the dead.

Wenying didn't advance much further than the first hotel he stayed at. After he indiscreetly showed off his three treasures, he was ruthlessly robbed of all three treasures and then killed by the hotel owner, Yang Er.

The emperor was looking for a doctor who could save his mother. Yang er offered the jade belt which miraculously healed the queen mother. The Emperor appointed Yang Er high positions with four senior ministers to protect him. However, the fourth, Bao Zheng, declined to do so.

Wenying's time in the living has not finished, Yinluo Wang announced. Thus, the earth god put Wenying's body onto a white horse, heading toward Kaifeng.

Meanwhile, Qinglian found out that she was pregnant. Afraid of being approached by his outlaw father, she decided to leave and to settle on another mountain, Hongluo and make a living there. [end of 上卷]

[下卷] The white horse took the body of Wenying to the court of Bao Zheng in Kaifeng. Bao Zheng investigated the case and quickly learnt of what happened. Yet, in order to see Yang Er to the justice, Bao Zheng first came up with a strategy to trick the emperor and the Queen mother of the jade belt to revive Wenying. Eventually, Bao Zheng got the jade belt and Wenying was revived and testified against Yang Er. Without consulting the emperor nor the Queen mother, Bao Zheng took the authority onto himself and executed Yang Er. After learning of this, the Emperor gave orders to execute both Bao Zheng and Wenying as punishments.

By this time, Qinglian was already an established outlaw herself of the Hongluo mountain. In order to save Wenying, she offered herself and her father to be at service for the emperor, in exchange for the lives of Wenying and Bao Zheng. The emperor agreed and released Wenying and Bao Zheng. Lu Lin, Qinglian and Wenying and their son Wen Bao were all given titles by the emperor afterwards. Everyone is happy. The white horse also lived a good life. [end of 下卷]

參考文獻 Bibliography

電子全文 Digital Fulltext

[1] Waseda University Library: Call No. 文庫19 F0399 0034 0001

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