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|title= 貧窮寶卷
|title= 貧窮寶卷
|pinyin_title= Pin Qiong bao juan
|pinyin_title= Pin Qiong bao juan
|image= [[File:Shi yuan juan.jpg|center|200px|thumb]]
|image= [[|center|200px|thumb]]
|title_list= 貧窮寶卷
|title_list= 貧窮寶卷

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Pin Qiong bao juan
別名 Other Titles: 貧窮寶卷
製造人物 Creators:

出版地區 Place(s) of Publication:

版式 Format: 手稿

出版者 Publisher(s):

出版年 Publication Date:

載於 Located In: Minjian baojuan - J Volume 17, pp. 180-187.

別名 Other Titles

The title 貧窮寶卷 in the beginning of the major text.

出版地區 Place(s) of Publication

出版年 Publication Date(s)

內涵 Contents


序跋等 Prefaces and Postfaces

註疏 Commentary

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電子全文 Digital Fulltext

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