Guide:Citation Styles

From Chinese Religious Text Authority

Citation Style Guide

CRTA uses the Notes-Bibliography system of citation following the Chicago Manual of Style for all its item entries. For more on how this works, please review this citation guide at the Chicago Manual of Style Online.

Within the "commentary" section of your entry, please format your references according to the "Notes" format. These notes are flexible enough to allow for both properly formatted bibliographical information on your source and also any additional commentary on that source you determine to be necessary. These are like footnotes in an academic publication.

In the "bibliography" section of your entry, list, in alphabetical order, all of the sources cited in abbreviated form in the "Commentary" section endnote references.

  • Please do not include commentary in the bibliography. If you include a source on the bibliography that requires some explanation, this explanation belongs in the "Commentary" section above.

Citing sources in non-Western languages

  • Render Chinese characters as they are given in the original text being cited. That is, simplified characters remain in simplified, traditional characters remain in traditional.