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Zhou Fo cong bao
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別名 Other Titles:
有關人物 Associated Persons: 周興嗣, 太虛

出版地區 Place(s) of Publication: 上海

版式 Format: 活字版

出版者 Publisher(s): 天地玄黃

出版年間 Publication Period: -

載於 Located In: Minguo Fojiao qikan wenxian jicheng - MFQ

This is the template for entries from the MFQ corpus. Some notes:

  • all periodicals should include date_start and date_end in the Item_infobox template data, even if they are the same year

別名 Other Titles

出版地區 Place(s) of Publication

出版年 Publication Date(s)

內涵 Contents

  • Section 1
  • Section 2

序跋等 Prefaces and Postfaces

註疏 Commentary

參考文獻 Bibliography

電子全文 Digital Fulltext

  • Reprinted in MFQ Vols. xx-xx

有關書刊 See Also and Parallel Texts

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