Guide:Style and Formatting

From Chinese Religious Text Authority

This is a guide to style and formatting conventions of the CRTA.

Item Names

Each item must have a unique name, which also determines its URL for linking from elsewhere on the internet.

If the item appears in one of the main reprint collections, its name should be followed by an index number like so: 潘公免災寶卷 - F63, where F refers to one of the reprint collections, and 63 is the item's number within that collection.

If the item is not already part of any standard reprint series or collections, then it doesn't need an index number. Be sure to include detailed information on the source of the bibliographic data. Note, however, that each entry name has to be unique, so you may need to disambiguate your entry by adding additional information, for example: 太上感應篇 (乾隆蘇州本)

Otherwise, consult with the steering committee to see whether a new index series should be created for a collection.

Item Format

The format field in the infobox records how the item was originally printed, published, or otherwise recorded. This string must be one of a standard set, so that the advanced search function can properly filter results.

  • Woodblock printed edition: 木刻版
  • Lithographic printed edition: 石印版
  • Movable type printed edition: 活字版
  • Manuscript: 寫本