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This information is intended for those creating entries on religious periodicals, which often have quite a different way of displaying bibliographic information from monographs. Please consult the Entry Creation Guide for full guidance on creating entries.

Most often, bibliographical information will be recorded near the start or near the end of a given issue. You can scan quickly through the reprint and watch for a change in layout or a large masthead to identify where a new issue begins. Issues often have page numbers, but these will often restart in every section.

  • Dates will normally be in the following format: 民國XX年XX月XX日 where year 1 of 民國 is 1912. Sometimes publications will have the Buddhist date (釋迦牟尼佛應世XX年 or similar) but the Common Era equivalent for this varies.
  • Publications may sometimes have separate dates for printing (印刷) and publication (出版), we want the latter
  • 出版 - Publisher
  • 總理 - Manager or Managing Editor
  • 協理 - Assistant Manager or Assistant Managing Editor
  • 編輯 - Editor
  • 編輯所 - Editorial Office
  • 撰述員 - Author ot Contributor
  • 發行 or 發行所 - Distributor
  • 分發行所 - Regional/Local Distributor
  • 定價 - Price (not required to include in entry)
  • 郵票 - Postal Shipping Cost (not required to include in entry)
  • (中華)郵政特准掛號 - Postal Registration Number (not required to include in entry)
  • 目錄 - Contents or Index
  • 卷 - Volume
  • 期 or 號 - Issue