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Republican-Era Buddhist Book Catalogues

  • Foxue shumu biao 佛學書目表, 1912. Collected in 等不等觀雜錄, fascicle 2. Reprinted in 楊仁山全集. Title, author or translator, number of juan, block carver, notes. 24 pp.
  • Shanghai Youzheng shuju Fojing liutong shumu 上海有正書局佛經流通書目, 1914. Printed in 佛學叢書. Title, number of volumes, price, block carver for each section. 18 pp.
  • Beijing Gengshen Fojing liutong chu mulu 北京庚申佛經流通處目錄, 1920. Reprinted in 中國近代古籍出版發行史料叢刊, Vol. 27. Title, author or translator, number of volumes, price. 152 pp.
  • Youzheng shuju mulu 有正書局目錄, ca. 1921-1923. Reprinted in 中國近代古籍出版發行史料叢刊續編, Vol. 8. Title, number of volumes, price. 16 entries.
  • Foxue shumu biao 佛學書目表, 1923. Produced by 北京佛經流通處. Reprinted in 中國近代古籍出版發行史料叢刊補編, Vol. 5. Title, author or translator, number of fascicles, number of volumes, price for printing 印價, printer name. 315 pp.
  • Zhongyang kejing yuan shumu 中央刻經院書目, ca. 1926. Reprinted in 民國時期出版書目彙編, Vol. 20. Title, author or translator, labour/materials cost for printing 工料, retail cost 另售, description. 21 pp.
  • Shanghai Foxue shuju tushu mulu xukan 上海佛學書局圖書目錄續刊, issue 3, 1930. Reprinted in 民國時期出版書目彙編, Vol. 19. Title, number of volumes, price. 14 pp.